11 Food You Typically See At Filipino Party

Going to a Filipino party is a lot of fun, not only we prepare a lot of food.  But we also do karaoke and dancing, we love to eat so each party we love cooking a lot of food for our guest. Today I am sharing you 11 food you typically see at most of the Filipino party.  There’s more different food really, but today I decided to just share you this 11 food that most of my friends cook each party we have.

Each year we have a lot of party around my area, from birthday, holidays and other occasions.  And each time we always have a potluck where all the guest can bring food.  But a lot of time the hostess always end-up cooking a lot of fun that is enough for the guest to carry home.  Yes, when there is a lot of leftovers, after party the hostess will let her guest carry some food. I know it’s not a custom here in the US but in the Philippines, we always send food when our guest goes home.

My husband and kids their main favorite to eat at the party is the eggrolls.  For some reason that is always the first one, they want to eat.  And of course the chicken adobo, and oh yeah I don’t have it on my list here.  That is because I cannot find my adobo pictures, it’s odd but I know I saved it somewhere on my hard drive. Read more

Sauteed Banana Blossoms

I don’t know if you are familiar with banana blossoms as I am. But back when I was growing up, banana blossoms is our lifesaver. My mom creates different recipe variations of the banana blossoms. It’s was easier for us to get banana blossoms as part of our meal since we own a big farm that has a lot of banana trees.

I have seen my mom and grandmother cook banana blossoms is so many ways.  Sometimes my mom will add coconut milk or even make patties out of it.  Sauteed banana blossoms are very easy to make, the preparation doesn’t take that long either.  It took about 15 minutes for me to prepare everything that included soaking the banana blossoms in the water with salt.   Read more

Filipino BBQ Recipe

Today I am sharing you this Filipino BBQ Recipe, that is very popular in our country.  We always have bbq each time we have a gathering.  Filipino bbq is very easy to make and it’s sweet, we marinate the meat overnight or 1 day.  When making Filipino bbq you can use pork or chicken, it depends on what you feel like eating.  However, mixing pork and chicken bbq is delicious as well.  During my daughter 4th birthday party, I made chicken and pork bbq.   The reason I did that is that some of our guests prefer chicken.

I marinated my bbq for about two days, the meat was so tender and it was full of flavor.  The marinate contains banana ketchup, soy sauce, sugar, garlic salt powder, pepper, lemon juice, minced garlic and soda of your choice. I used about 6 boneless chicken breast cut it in a long strip. I choose to cut it into a strip that way it’s easier for me to put it on the skewer.

Marinating the meat for a long time really give it time to soak up the flavor.  The meat was very tender, for basting you I used the same ingredients like the one I used for my marinate.  I didn’t want to use the marinade I use for my meat to avoid getting sick.  I fired up my grill to 350 deg, I didn’t want the grill to be very hot that way the meat won’t be tough.

This bbq is really delicious, our guest really enjoyed it and even complimented me for it.  There are many variations on making Filipino bbq recipe, some do marinate it just for 3 hours.  If you want more recipe, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. Read more

Chicken Adobo with Crispy Garlic Bits

Chicken Adobo with Crispy Garlic Bits is another recipe that I am sharing with you today.  This is a very popular dish in the Philippines, you can find a lot of people offers this kind of food on a lot of our streets vendors.  I remembered growing up, each time my parents make chicken adobo, my brother, sister and myself feel like we just won the lottery.  With that being said, not often we eat meat growing up because the meat is pretty pricey.

My husband favorite to eat is the chicken adobo, however, I have not tried it with the crispy garlic bits.  Although, I used a lot of garlic each time I cook it never cross my mind to add it on the chicken adobo.  Chicken adobo with crispy garlic bits would be delicious on the top of the steam rice.  Read more

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Salad is what I used to eat all the time back when I was living in the Philippines. My dad loves eating cucumber and he always makes it with tomatoes, onions and some pepper flakes. Sometimes he even uses the hot chili, yes I was raised eating spicy food. I came from a big family who loves to eat and cook. Although, my parent’s life wasn’t easy we are thankful that they raise us all right.

Cucumber salad is very easy to make and perfect to have for lunch or dinner. My husband loves cucumber salad the way I make it. I prepare this about 4 times a week to go along with chicken, fish, or just for snacks. The first time I made cucumber salad was a few weeks ago. And to my surprised my husband ate it all, I didn’t really think he will eat it.

Ever since then I always remember to prepare this kind of salad. My husband and kids don’t like kimchi as much as I do. However, they are willing to eat cucumber salad, which is not bad really. It means more kimchi for me, anyway, this cucumber salad is delicious and doesn’t acquire too many ingredients. Read more

Here Are The List of Philippine Dishes That You Must Try

I was doing my research on finding the list on selective dishes that you can find in the Philippines. Here Is The List of Philippine Dishes That You Must Try. Most of these dishes can be found here in the US as well if you lived near a little Asian community. Also if you lived like in places with a higher count of Asians you have the possibility of finding these dishes. It’s pretty obvious that if there is a lot of Asian in your area you will probably find one or few Filipino restaurant.

So hopefully you will enjoy this post as I show you the Main dishes that we eat in the Philippines.

1. Chicken Adobo.
chicken adobo

This dish is typically chicken or pork, or you can combine both. Slowly cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, a little of oil, crushed garlic, bay leaves, black peppercorns and often you can add ginger as well as brown rice. With this being cooked slowly the meat always come out tender and delicious. Read more