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So I was contemplating about narrowing down my niche. And there are few things that I really enjoy and that is cooking, traveling and enjoying life. So I have to start all over gaining followers, viewers, readers and subscribers. I decided to better start it now than later. I let go of my blogger blog and my wordpress.com blog since I was to take the next steps of my blogging carrier.

Yes it will takes time but I think starting now is a smart idea. I thank all the blogger who have inspired me to move to wordpress.org. I was getting frustrated dealing with my other domain yesterday and not able to post anything, so instead of wasting time. I told myself you know what this is my change to create a new domain and actually point it to my niche. Then I came up with the 101foodtravel.com, the reason for that is because my family and I loves food, and we enjoy traveling whenever we can.

Although I will be sharing more stuff here, it’s not just food or traveling, it’s about the fun in life we experienced.

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Hello Everyone

You all are probably wondering why is my blog name has changed.  Well that’s because I am taking this blogging thing to the next level.  Thank you to all those who have inspired me, it was a lot of headache but I managed to do it myself with helps from tech support and reading from other bloggers.

Merging two of my blog and just maintaining one is so much easier.  Now I am ready for the next adventure of this blogging life.

Thank you all for visiting my blog.


Simple Dinner 

So every now and then I get lazy cooking, the other night my husband, the kids and I was talking what we should eat for dinner. One said hot wings, my husband said sandwich.  We have sandwich meat and cheese, but then I saw that we have some left over chickens. Instead of using the sandwich meat I decided to use the chicken. 

I shredded the chicken mix it with some bbq sauce, put about 1/4 cup on the bread , top of with some cheese and put it in the sandwich maker.  Very easy dinner, not much to it at all. 

Thank you for stopping by here everyone and you all have a great night. 

One Week Meal Planning

My husband and I are busy people, we work a lot of hours.  Sometimes at the end of the day we don’t feel like doing anything but sit down and relax.  So I decided to start doing “One Week Meal Planning”.  I do this all the time, and it really help us both.  We don’t have to worry about what to cook and everything.  Last Sunday I made different meal and side.  I cook different recipes that will last us for a week or so.

Sometimes we end-up putting the rest in the freezer, but this time it’s just enough to be inside the Fridge and heat up.  I don’t think we will have anything to be put in the freezer. Anyway, let me show you what I have cooked on Sunday.

If you have any recipe that you would like to share feel free to leave down below in the comments box.  Thank you all.

It’s Okay

I got this idea from Belugas in VA . This is where we can share things that other may not goes “What” but it’s okay. You can link up on this one anytime. Make a list of you it’s okay, post it and your good to go.

Hey It’s Okay ……

….. to not wear make-up everyday especially when your schedule is so busy.

…. to eat fast food every not and then because you didn’t have time to cook.

…. that I am not a big professional football fan.  I worked all the time & just don’t have time to sit down and watch television.  When I do have time I spend it with my husband and kids. Read more

Boodle Fight

I am sure some of you have a heard the term Boodle Fight. Boodle Fight is an arrangement dinner eat using your fingers. This type of meal has it’s roots in the Philippine military’s style of eating in which soldiers, regardless what rank you are in or what position you are, they all dine in together on the food that is spread out on the top of the banana leave.  It’s strikingly hands only, no forks or spoon at all not even knives.

A friend of mine invited us to her house Saturday night not knowing really what she was cooking or preparing. When we arrived at her house we saw all the delicious food on the top of the banana leaves.  She was telling me that we are doing Boodle Fight.  Everything she prepare was very delicious, we had some left overs and of course she let us carry it with us.  She made rice noodles, grilled some pork chop, rice of course, shrimps, and dried fish.  
A great way to spend with friends is having a boodle fight.  It’s fun eating with just your hand, I know some of you may thinks it’s gross but remember before joining on the boodle fight you can wash hand.  On the military sometimes they don’t even wash their hand because they are in the rush of eating.  You learn how to leave like an army, you won’t have a hard time fitting in to this kind of fun.  You can do Boodle Fight with pretty much anything.  You can do tacos, any food that you want to eat really, just remember no cheating.  No fork – spoon – knives must allowed. 
And as you can see we pretty much eat most of it, with a little bit of left over.  It was a great time, even my daughter enjoyed it.  Let me know if you tried this one and tell me what you think about it. Have you done boodle fight before? Did you like it?