Asian Orange Sesame Cauliflower

Asian Orange Sesame Cauliflower is delicious and fun to make.  If you are not into eating meat all the time. Then this recipe is perfect for you.  This is a version of the orange chicken pretty much.  On this recipe the chef uses the cauliflower instead to make it healthier. Perfect for anyone who eat snacks or simply love orange chicken.  Asian Orange Sesame Cauliflower is perfect to eat during lunch and even dinner.  It doesn’t takes a long time to make it as well.  One Love One Kitchen is the original author of this post, I am honor to have an opportunity to have her a guest in my blog.

This is the kind of recipe that you and your kids will enjoy doing in the kitchen as well.  Most of the ingredients that you need on this recipe might be in your pantry already.  So you don’t really have to go anywhere and worry about buying them. If you are like me who likes stocking up a lot of food in the house.  Then you are good to go, if you want to make this healthier you can use olive oil to fry.

Photo is credited back to it’s original owner One Love One Kitchen.

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15 Appetizer Recipes

If you like appetizers like we do, then you will love these 15 Appetizer recipes round-ups.  I have included different variety of appetizers on this post. Appetizer is great for all occasion entertaining your company while waiting for the main dish. Although sometimes, it’s time consuming to prepare appetizers, it has become part of our life.

So I thought I’d share this awesome appetizer recipes I found online.  There are plenty of appetizer recipes that yOU can find online but I think these here are my favorites. Read more

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