Perfect to eat when your sick… 

I grow up eating this rice soup . There is another name of this but for now for some reason I cannot remember it at all. Since we are all sick her ex I decided to make this soup. This is almost like the grits really. You can flavor this with chickens or even boiled eggs. Most of the time I just throw some left over chicken, onions, ginger, salt and pepper . Very easy to make.

On this one since I have some juices from baking chicken, I added some of it in my soup just to give it more flavor. Also you can add soy sauce before you eat the soup if you like soy sauce.

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Rice Cake or Puto Maya

Puto Maya is a type of snack that is cook using the steaming method.  This is serve as snack in the morning or even in the afternoon.  A lot of people eat this with different dish such as Pancit (rice noodles), Dinuguan (Pork cooking pork blood).  Growing up my father always go to the market in the morning to get Puto Maya and Bread called Pandesal.  Pandesal and Puto Maya goes perfect and then added to that a cup of hot coffee oh my it’s perfect morning.

Anyway, I have not had this in a long time since I left Philippines. When I saw my friend posted her finished on Facebook the other day. I was thinking to myself, if she can make it I can definitely make it.  Story short, when I went to the market I bought some coconut milk to complete the ingredients for this recipes.  Alright let’s get started. Before I start with the recipes, remember some have different ideas of making this.  I made mine completely different than how other chef or cook do their Puto Maya.  So let’s get sarted.

On this recipes you need the following ingredients:

  1. 3 Cups of Glutinous rice
  2. 2 Can of coconut milk
  3. 1/2 a teaspoon salt to taste
  4. 2 tablespoon chopped ginger


  1. In your steamer add about 6 to 8 cups of water, depending on how big is your steamer. Since I use a big steamer I added about 8 cups of water.
  2. Then rinse your glutinous rice with water and then drain.  Wait for the water to start boiling and then add the rice on the steamer just like you see on the picture.
  3. Let is steam for about 30 minutes, and then add your chopped ginger to the rice.
  4. After 30 minutes I then added another an hour and 30 minutes to the clock.
  5. While the rice and ginger is steam mix the coconut, sugar and salt together. Mix it well.
  6. Start sprinkling coconut to the rice mix while it steaming.  You do this because the coconut is mixture is what make the difference on this procedure.  So in between the an hour and half don’t forget to sprinkle the coconut mixture to your glutinous and stir it to cook evenly.
  7. Once the time is up you can transfer the finished snack on the Pyrex or wrap it with banana leaves or even foil if you don’t have banana leaves on hand like me.
This is how it will look once it’s cook and ready to eat.

On mine I added another 10 minutes to get it a little sticky. Remember you have to use all the coconut mixture before the time is up.  When it’s finish you can serve it hot or cold whichever you prefer.  I like mine hot or even warm, and with a sprinkle of white sugar on the top.  That’s just how I eat it back when I was young and even now I still like it that way.  Let me know if you have any questions or have tried this recipe.

Who is ready?


My husband and I was planning on going to a New Year party that one of a Filipino is hosting.  But then I felt guilty leaving my family behind, I am just not used to leaving them while we party.  I told my husband that we are going to stay home and spend time with our kids and family rather than going party.  I did all my last minute shopping today, planned all the meal that I am going to cook.  It was pretty easy since I am not cooking much at all.

Bought 12 fruits, collard green, wine, champagne, sparkling cranberry, and so much more.  All that shopping I did for less than 3 hours.  Yeah, it was quick, I was trying to be in out the store but it was not happening since a lot of people was shopping at well. This year I am adding a new dessert on our table and it’s Macaroni Fruit Salad.  This dessert is so delicious that my husband just love it.  Cannot wait what other think about it tomorrow.

In our house,  my husband and I started a tradition few years back that we are going to combine our New Year tradition.  Doing it that way is more fun for the family and kids.  Asian/American Tradition.  The cooking can be extreme sometimes, but you know it’s part of it.  Anyway, so what are you preparing for New Year? Please feel free to share.

Thank you for stopping by here in my blog and you all have a great New Year.

Super yummy

This fish was so delicious . I did not have all the ingredients that I need but I sure enjoyed it a lot , although I am trying to find a store that sell the fish that I really want to eat. But for now I am content with just the tilapia. I am thinking on buying a tilapia that is not fillet though . My husband love fillet tilapia and I do too, but every now and then I crave for something that is not fillet. Just talking about food makes me hungry. I might stop at the store and get me some fish lol.