Super yummy

This fish was so delicious . I did not have all the ingredients that I need but I sure enjoyed it a lot , although I am trying to find a store that sell the fish that I really want to eat. But for now I am content with just the tilapia. I am thinking on buying a tilapia that is not fillet though . My husband love fillet tilapia and I do too, but every now and then I crave for something that is not fillet. Just talking about food makes me hungry. I might stop at the store and get me some fish lol.

Sautéed beans

Tonight one of our side was this delicious sautéed beans. I put chopped onions and some of my secret ingredients lol. Tonight I made everyone a delicious dinner. I was so pleased that everyone enjoyed their dinner . Sautéed beans is really good and easy to make. It’s perfect veggies and of course it’s healthy. It’s one of our favorite that’s why we enjoyed cooking it.

My Homemade Lasagna

I know i have been judge that i can’t do any American cooking other than Asian food. But guess what cooking an American food or Italian food is not difficult. The other night i made this delicious lasagna for dinner, and i am so happy that my husband and step-daughter loved it. Lexi said it was the best lasagna ever, i can’t wait to cook more food. I have been cooking a lot of food that they like and sometimes i like to feed them something new all the time. This lasagna is the best that i have made.

Grilled Chicken

These are the chicken i grilled the other day and it was yummy. My husband is really good on grilling, and since they have been working a lot on the car. I thought i’d try and practice grilling myself, and i tell you he is very impressed that i can grill. I wasn’t sure if i can do it but since i like adventures when it comes to cooking i go for it. The chicken was very tender and juicy, my crew loves it.