Creamy Deer Meat with Lemongrass

So when its hunting season I love checking out our local meat processing if they have some deer meat.  We pay for the process if no one claims, and take it home.  The other day my mother-in-law called one of the meat processing and she bought a bunch of deer meat.  We end up splitting the cost and also divided the meat that we got. Deer meat is something that we love having each year, we try to make the meat we buy last until the next season.

The other night my husband requested for some deer cube for dinner.  I wasn’t sure how I’m gonna cook it, however, I came up with this recipe that I thought my husband will love.  Creamy deer meat with lemongrass, yeah you hear that right.  I included the lemongrass in this recipe.  Lemongrass is used in a lot of dishes in the Asian cuisines.  We even use lemongrass in soups, teas, and curries.   The lemongrass added a really nice taste to the deer meat, and it smells really good as well. Read more

Milkfish Steak (Bistek na Bangus)

Milkfish Steak or also known as Bistek na Bangus is a very delicious dish that we love eating with rice.  Milkfish Steak is one thing that my husband loves to eat.  The first time I made him this dish he was in love, now I buy milkfish whenever I go to the Asian Market.  Milkfish can be bought in most of the Asian store.  Milkfish Steak or Bistek na Bangus is full of so many flavors.

The sauce of this dish is great over rice, it will definitely make you want to eat more.  In the Philippines, milkfish is a very popular fish since it’s our national fish.  Milkfish is also called as “bandeng” or “Bolu” in Indonesia.  And in some country in Asia, they called this fish a different name.  I remembered growing up my dad each time he comes home from he work.  He always has milkfish with him, and my mom either will fry it or cook it in our soup.  Read more

Chicken Sisig

Chicken sisig is very popular in the Philippines.  To make the sisig is not hard at all, it’s spicy but you can control how spicy you want it.  Chicken sisig is great to eat over rice or even using taco shells.  Originally the recipe called for pork, however, since my husband cannot eat anything with pork I choose to use chicken instead.  You can also use tuna on this recipe, or even beef.

I have to be honest, this is the first time I have ever made chicken sisig.  The result was amazing, my husband loves it a lot, he ate this with taco as a burrito.  And for me of course, I ate this with brown rice.  Chicken sisig is originally from Pampanga.  The original recipe called for pig head and liver.  However, most of the people nowadays they use the ears or pork belly.  This is seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers.

Since I don’t have any calamansi I just lemon juice.   I didn’t want this chicken sisig to be spicy, so my daughter can eat it.  I used some jalapeno peppers and some serrano peppers. You can add as many hot peppers as you, it all depends on how hot you want your sisig.  In the original recipe, they use the green chili peppers and red chili peppers.   However, since I didn’t have those available I just used whatever I have in my kitchen already.  Read more

Cauliflower Rice Arancini With Marinara Sauce

Today I am sharing you this Cauliflower Rice Arancini With Marinara Sauce.  If you have been following my blog, you know how much I love cauliflower.  Cauliflower is my substitute for rice, although sometimes I still use brown rice.  However, most of the time when I cook something I use cauliflower instead of rice. This cauliflower rice arancini with marinara sauce are very simple to make.  Thank you to One Love One Kitchen for this guest post on my blog.  I’m always on the look for a new recipe, so when I saw this the other day I was like yup I want to share this on my blog.

I believed this a recreation recipe from Skinny Taste.  If you are familiar with this site you know that Skinny Taste has a lot of delicious recipes.  Anyway, this cauliflower rice arancini with marinara sauce don’t require a lot of ingredients at all.  Matter fact you only need 8 different ingredients to complete this recipe.  I must confess while creating this post, my stomach is getting hungry.  What can I say, I am a food lover and this kind of just makes me hungry every time.  Read more

Simple & Healthy Eating

Simple & Healthy Eating is a must in our house especially we have a busy schedule.  Not just the busy schedule we also have to watch what we eat because we want to maintain our health.  Since my husband got out the hospital about two weeks ago. He has been hungry a lot and has been craving for all sort of food.  Of course, these are food that I have cook for him before.

When I don’t have a lot of time or just completely blank on what I’m gonna make for dinner I always just make up something that I simple yet healthy for all of us.  I was really debating on how to name this post, so I came up with Simple & Healthy Eating.  I have called this Simple & Healthy Eating it’s because the food I made was baked, steam and sauteed using olive oil.  When it comes to using oil I always limit myself to about 2 tablespoons just enough to cook the onions and garlic. Read more

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Cheesy Chicken Salisbury

Cheesy Chicken Salisbury is delicious and oh full of different flavor.  When you don’t know what to eat for dinner but your brain is flooded with all sorts of recipes idea. You always end up making something that will surprise everyone.  I don’t cook too often since I don’t have much time on my hand most of the day.  However, I like buying ingredients that I think I’m gonna need later.  Since my husband can’t eat beef or pork, instead of using beef on this recipe.  I decided to replace the beef with the chicken and just sliced it thin.

The cheesy chicken Salisbury is very easy to make and oh full so much flavor.   You can use any meat that you wish to use, but we prefer chicken in our household.  I used the King’s Hawaiian bread because it’s sweet I think there’s about 12 in one pack.  Then I used two different cheese one is provolone and then mozzarella.  I also used two cups of mushrooms, three tablespoons of butter, one tablespoon of parsley, four cloves of garlic, one big onion that I sliced thin, two cups of chicken broth and three tablespoons sour cream. Read more