9 Delicious Dinners That Start With a Pound of Ground Beef

Today I am sharing you these 9 delicious dinners that start with a pound of ground beef. Every week I get an update from Pillsbury for meal ideas that is not costly but yet so delicious.  Some of you may not eat ground beef but you know you can always use ground turkey or chicken to this recipes.

Most these recipes are so easy to make, it will be a perfect meal for all busy parents out there. This great for everyone really not just the busy parents. 9 Delicious Dinners That Start With a Pound of Ground Beef can definitely last you for awhile.

  1. The first thing I’m gonna share here is this Taco Crescent Ring.  In the past I have tried similar to this recipe and oh my we was inlove with it.  Full recipe here.

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Ways to Prepare Meal for a Week

So I decided to put together these “Ways to Prepare Meal for a Week” a simple meal that you can cook on the weekend to last you for a week.  I cook meal each Sunday to prepare for the week ahead of us.  To avoid cooking and wondering what meal to cook or eat.  Let’s get started.

For Breakfast:


For breakfast try making this egg muffin it’s very easy.  You can make this with anything such as spinach, onions and tomatoes .. Or you can just do it using mushroom, tomatoes, onions and spinach.  I have a post about this egg muffins over here.  You can also do yogurt in the morning, or even smoothies.


For Lunch:

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