Atlanta Trip with My Friend Meriam

A few weekends ago my friend Meriam and I decided to take a trip to Atlanta.  One reason is to see the parking place where she is going to leave her car when she goes to the Philippines for the holiday.   The traffic on the weekend was not bad at all, plus we left early enough.  The place where she was planning on leaving her car is not far from the Atlanta airport at all so it was awesome.  The drive took us about two hours and a half, I was Mericam co-pilot since she has not driven to Atlanta as I do.

I must say her driving was very impressive, she was nervous, however, I told her she is doing great. Two hours and a half later we arrived at the location, by the time we got there we are hungry and ready for lunch.  So we both decided to go to the Asian sore called Assi.  Let me tell you, there are three Assi in Atlanta, we learned the hard way.  Yes, were lost for an hour before we found the Assi we want.

Assi Plaza is the one that we wanted to go, just to eat some Filipino food.  By the time we arrived at this place, we are already starving. Stomach growling, and slowly feeling weak.  Meriam ordered Lechon kawali, pansit and I ordered bangsilog.  Luckily, the food didn’t take long to be done, it was worth it the wait.  With the amount of food, we ordered we pretty much eat what we have in our place.  We end-up carrying some home but it was not much at all.

After eating we bought some groceries inside the Assi Plaza.  We didn’t buy much since we didn’t see a lot that we like. After shopping, we end-up ordering dessert at the Filipino restaurant where we ate lunch.  Sit there for a little bit, then drove home.  Our trip was fun even though we got lost for an hour, and the food was delicious.  I cannot wait to take my husband and kids at the place.  Assi Plaza is a great place to visit if you are a foodie person.

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16 thoughts on “Atlanta Trip with My Friend Meriam

  1. Your photos made my mouth water! Thanks for the ideas of what to order and where to eat the next time I am in Atlanta.

  2. That’s so nice that you went on a trip with your friend and got to spend some nice time together. All of the food looks delicious, especially that Halo Halo ice cream! I’d love to know what kind it was. It’s such a pretty purple!

  3. Hello Fellow Pinay! 🙂 You’re so lucky to be able to make that trip! My gosh, I miss Filipino food. I want some of that halo-halo with ube. Lechon Kawali is another favorite, dipped in Mang Tomas sauce or spicy vinegar. 🙂 Bangsilog…man I haven’t had that in years! Going back to Manila in February…bwahahahahaha.. xoxo

    1. Hello there, so glad to see you here on my blog. We love going to Atlanta, our family lived there so each week we go and visit them. I love halo-halo it’s one of my favorite. I miss eating these kinds of food, I cannot wait to be able to eat a lot of food when I get back to the Philippines. Hopefully, my citizenship will be finished by March next year so we can go visit the Philippines.

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