Southern Breakfast in The House

This weekend I decided to surprise my kids and husband for a delicious breakfast before going to church. Eating breakfast every day is a must at our house. Because not only does it helps you start your day but it also great for you. My husband loves having a big breakfast on the weekend, and so our kids. So I bought some sausage, eggs, and some ingredients I need to make my homemade drop biscuits.

Of course, we cannot forget serving some coffee. For some reason, if I cannot drink coffee in the morning, my day feels like it’s dragging. I limit myself about 3 cups a day of coffee. But still that’s a lot, I am slowly trimming it down to 1½ a cup a day. So far I am doing good in some days.

Anyway, for breakfast, I made some sausage, white gravy with sausage, baked my homemade drop biscuit, scrambled some eggs and boiled some quail eggs that we got from our quails. It wasn’t a lot of food but plenty enough to feed all of us. Our nephew came to spent the weekend with us, and he loves all the food I cook for them.

The kids were very surprised to smell food cooking early in the morning. They love it when I cook, for some reason I got all of them spoiled with my cooking. Even our family members and friends are spoiled with my cooking. Cooking is something that I am very passionate about, and most of the time I cook more than my guest can eat.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog. If you want to get the recipe of the drop biscuit simply click here. Do not forget to follow or subscribe to my blog.

10 thoughts on “Southern Breakfast in The House

  1. Ok, these biscuits look amazing. Now you have me so hungry! Also, I haven’t eaten quail eggs before do they taste any different?

  2. My husband LOVES biscuits and gravy. It is his favorite breakfast and I never make it. I will have to try this recipe.

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