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Simple & Healthy Eating is a must in our house especially we have a busy schedule.  Not just the busy schedule we also have to watch what we eat because we want to maintain our health.  Since my husband got out the hospital about two weeks ago. He has been hungry a lot and has been craving for all sort of food.  Of course, these are food that I have cook for him before.

When I don’t have a lot of time or just completely blank on what I’m gonna make for dinner I always just make up something that I simple yet healthy for all of us.  I was really debating on how to name this post, so I came up with Simple & Healthy Eating.  I have called this Simple & Healthy Eating it’s because the food I made was baked, steam and sauteed using olive oil.  When it comes to using oil I always limit myself to about 2 tablespoons just enough to cook the onions and garlic.

This sauteed mushrooms and asparagus is really delicious.  I sauteed this with some onions, tomatoes, and garlic.  The result of this side dish is amazing it was full of flavor and the smell was oh my gosh.  I added about ¼ cup of water, salt & pepper to taste.

Pinto beans are really good for our body, it’s one thing that my husband enjoys to eat.  How I cook my pinto beans is I used one teaspoon of olive oil, then add my onions and tomatoes.  I let the onions and tomatoes cook for about two minutes.  After two minutes I add the pinto beans and I let it cook for about 15 minutes, turning down my heat to medium.

One of my favorite to eat is the sauerkraut and hot dogs.  Yes, this is so delicious and I cook this with onions for about 5 minutes in a medium heat.  I learned how to make this recipe from a friend of mine about a year ago.  I had no idea how delicious it was the first time I ate it. So it’s been a part of our meal every now and then.

Our meals not complete without our cucumber salad.  This is one of my husband favorites, I had no idea he would end up like this salad.  I put pepper flakes, soy sauce, lemon juice (but you can use vinegar as well), salt and pepper.  Of course, we can’t forget the main dish to go along with all these sides.  I baked 6 chicken breast, I seasoned with some salt, pepper and another seasoning I love using. Baked the chicken for about 25 to 35 minutes at 370 degrees F.  Some ovens have different temperature, so make sure you check your oven to insure that the meat is cook completely.

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  1. So many simple and easy options. It seems like I’m always stuck on a side to make (usually veggies) and these would be great to change things up.

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