2017 Filipino Christmas Party

A friend of ours hosted the 2017 Filipino Christmas Party this year.  They invited a lot of our Filipino friends, brought food as well.  This year we did what we called Potluck, it’s so much easier to the host to cook less food and for the guest to bring the rest.  We also exchange gift, the women have $15 limit and so is the young lady.  For the kids, they have $10 limit, and for the guys, they have $15 limit as well.

The company with the family and friends was amazing and the food was delicious.  Although we are away from our family we are happy whenever we do a party like this.  That is because it feels so much like home, the party was a lot of fun.  We did few games for the kids and adult to enjoy and whoever wins get a prize.  We have a lot of food as usual you know, and they are all delicious.  

It’s such a great idea doing Potluck each party because you will able to eat different food. The hostess was very kind to invite us all to their house, very friendly couple and humble.  Our friend mom cooked few meals as well, I must say she is a great cook we always enjoy her cooking each time she comes visit her daughter.  We have all sort of food that everyone can enjoy, few dessert and different kind of drinks.

For me I bought the Slow Cook Chicken BBQ, this was very easy because I just bought those chicken legs at Walmart that was already seasoned and put them in the slow cooker top it with the BBQ sauce to add more flavor.  I used three packages of the chicken legs. I believed each pack there was 3 – 4 chicken legs in it.

Of course, we can’t forget the rice noodles, this goes very well with rice. These rice noodles have some vegetables and meat.  I think my friend mom made this one, I can’t really remember.

Pork Humba is so good, my friend mom made this one.  And I must say she is the best of making humba, the meat is full of flavor and so tender.

My friend Meriam made this Mac & Cheese for the kids and adults.  Some people don’t really like eating all Filipino food, they like having a different variety.

Filipino Escabeche is a sweet and sour fish, it’s been fried and then cook again with some bell pepper, onions, vinegar, garlic, sugar, peppercorn, and salt.  It’s really delicious, this is one of my favorites to eat back when I was living in the Philippines.

Chicken with pineapple is very delicious, my friend Emma made this and oh my it was super good. She added potatoes, carrots, bell pepper and onions on this recipe.  The chicken was very tender and juicy.

Chicken Menudo is another dish that my friend Meriam made.  She adds different variety of vegetables to this dish.  It’s a very delicious dish, you can eat over rice or just it by itself since it already have potatoes added.

We also have some steam carrots to go along with another dish that we made.  Having vegetables as a side is always great especially if most the guest loves it. 

Then we have this beef with some bell peppers and onions.  I must say this one is super delicious, the meat is so tender and the flavor is just perfect.

This is somewhere like pork adobo with a splash of humba ingredients.  So delicious, this is great to eat over rice just like the humba.

We have a different kind of dessert but wasn’t able to take pictures of them since we got so busy visiting with our friends.  Filipino Steamed Cake is a great dessert to have, you can also eat this as a snack or during breakfast.  Most of the time when I make a steamed cake I always eat in the morning with a cup of coffee.  Oh, it’s very refreshing and will fill you up.

Party is not fun without a picture of course, during our Christmas party I probably took over 300 pictures using my iPhone 7 plus.   When it comes to Filipino Christmas Party or any party we gaurantee fun and a lot of food for sure.

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