11 Food You Typically See At Filipino Party

Going to a Filipino party is a lot of fun, not only we prepare a lot of food.  But we also do karaoke and dancing, we love to eat so each party we love cooking a lot of food for our guest. Today I am sharing you 11 food you typically see at most of the Filipino party.  There’s more different food really, but today I decided to just share you this 11 food that most of my friends cook each party we have.

Each year we have a lot of party around my area, from birthday, holidays and other occasions.  And each time we always have a potluck where all the guest can bring food.  But a lot of time the hostess always end-up cooking a lot of fun that is enough for the guest to carry home.  Yes, when there is a lot of leftovers, after party the hostess will let her guest carry some food. I know it’s not a custom here in the US but in the Philippines, we always send food when our guest goes home.

My husband and kids their main favorite to eat at the party is the eggrolls.  For some reason that is always the first one, they want to eat.  And of course the chicken adobo, and oh yeah I don’t have it on my list here.  That is because I cannot find my adobo pictures, it’s odd but I know I saved it somewhere on my hard drive.

As you may eggrolls is very common to a lot of Asian parties especially at Filipino party. So many ways you can make eggrolls, the best wrapper to use at the Asian store.  When I make my eggrolls I used cabbage, ground pork, carrots, onions, garlic and green beans.  However, you can definitely customize your own eggrolls the way you want it.

And of course, we got to have the steam corn as well, because not all people like to eat rice.  Corn is pretty much common to have in the party even in American gathering.

Shrimps are one of favorite to prepare for any party, my friends and I we always make sure that our gathering has some shrimps.  Sometimes we just use garlic and butter on our shrimps, and other time we add some spice to it.

Roasted pig is very popular on some occasion, especially on the wedding and birthday.  Here in the US, it’s pretty expensive to buy a roasted pig, unlike in the Philippines. People there raise their own pig to get it ready for birthday, graduation, wedding or any occasions.

Rice is a must have in our party either it’s fried rice or just the white steam rice.  Even brown rice is fine as long as there is rice to go along with other meal.  Yes, we do love our rice and most of the time we pretty much just keep a steam white rice for our guest to have.

Pampano fish is very delicious, you can grill, fry or baked this fish.  But one of my favorites is the grilled one because it gives it more flavor.  Of course, we do bake this as well just like the one in the picture.  Pampano fish is pretty much presented on a lot of parties lately and I love it.

Rice noodles are popular as well, a lot of us cook this with chicken, pork or even beef.  We mix it with some vegetables, soy sauce, salt, and pepper.  Garnish it with some sliced lemons, rice noodles are perfect to eat the next day if you have leftovers.  I remembered growing up, we always make a sandwich out of the rice noodles leftovers.

Munggo (Mung – Beans) is one of our favorites to cook even when there is no party. There are different variations on how to cook the mung beans. Some do put coconut milk on with together with vegetables and your choice of meat.  You can buy the mung beans at any local Asian store, and cooking this is not difficult at all.

Next is the Pinakbet which is also known as pakbet.  This dish is from the Northern regions of the Philippines.  It’s made with mixed vegetables steams with shrimp or fish sauce.  The flavor of this dish is amazing, perfect to put over your rice.

Grilled Stuffed Squid, I know a lot of people doesn’t really care much about squid.  However, the grilled squid is really delicious, it’s full of so much flavor.  Some Filipino they make adobo squid, and some grilled.  But one of my favorite though is the grilled one the textures is just perfect and the stuffing inside is just delicious.

Last is the Pork Humba, this is a dish resembles the famous pork adobo in terms of its appearance. Pork Humba is popular in the southern part of the Philippines.  A lot of people uses the pork belly, pork ham, and the pork hocks.  It’s cook with some soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, sugar, tausi and banana blossoms.  It’s very delicious, tender and the juice is perfect to garnish your rice.

So if you saw these dishes on the Asian party especially Filipino, don’t hesitate to taste them because I will tell you it’s delicious and you are missing out some great food.

20 thoughts on “11 Food You Typically See At Filipino Party

  1. I have never been to a Filipino party but some if these dishes make me feel like I’m missing out. Shrimp, corn and egg rolls and the rice noodles and meat, please.

  2. All of this food looks so delicious! I would love to go to a potluck like that. It sounds like they are loads of fun and you get to take home leftovers to! Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂

  3. Thank goodness I ate lunch before reading this! I have only been once to a Filipino BBQ and the pig roast was ON POINT.

  4. Yum!! Now I am so hungry! Haha
    I have Filipino friends who always talk about the food their families’ make but I haven’t tried it yet! I so want to now!!

  5. I worked for an amazing Filipino couple through high school and they always had me over for their family get togethers! The food was incredible and they always sent me home with tons of leftovers!! They are some of the best memories I have from my teenage years! Wonderful company and amazing food!!

  6. All of these dishes look amazing! Unfortunately the only Filipino friends I have live out of state. I do however, have a Filipino Restaurant nearby that I have been wanting to try.

  7. I love learning about other people’s cultures and the foods they eat. I would love to try some of these delicious foods!

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