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I received the product seen above for free to review. This did not influence my opinion in any way. All thoughts are solely my own. Please check my Disclosure.

My husband and I love using honey, but we are picky when it comes to buying honey.  Some brands do add sugar to the honey, and it doesn’t taste as good as organic honey.   This Organic Honey from Maple Holistics is definitely the kind of honey that we would like to keep around our house.  We use honey in a lot of our cooking and even when we make sweet tea.  We also use it for cough medicine, like lemon and honey.

I am a big fan when it comes to using the honey for various purposes.  Whether it’s cooking, medicine, face mask or for your coffee.  Honey is very good for you body and so have so many vitamins.  Organic honey is so much better because you can appreciate the real taste of the raw honey.  Unlike honey with sugar added to it, you can definitely tell right away because of its grain.

This Organic Honey by Maple Holistics is 100% pure, organic and raw honey is prepared with the best processing methodologies in order to guarantee authenticity and nutritional value.

If you want to try their products simply visit the website and sign up for their Free Products program they offer. 


100% All-Natural Pure Organic Honey.


Amazing pure taste.

Unfiltered and unprocessed.

Geographically sourced.

Can offer benefits for both consumptions as a food and for topical application.

Free of additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

Formula and Benefits:

Considered a medicinal wonder of nature, raw honey is loaded with a variety of different acids which provide benefits as part of a healthy diet, as well as topically when applied to the skin. Maple Holistics 100% All-Natural Pure Organic Honey is sourced in the most natural and least disruptive way in order to ensure that these benefits, as well as delicious natural flavor, are not compromised.

Maple Holistics Honey is certified USDA organic, guaranteeing quality. We offer pure, fresh honey which is free of any additives, chemicals or preservatives. Our Honey is also certified Kosher, unpasteurized, Grade-A, and comes in a 12 OZ squeeze bottle for easy and convenient dispensing.


The products were sent to me free and I have received no other compensation for this review I have written above. All the opinions/reviews are strictly mine, my husband and my kid’s thoughts about the product after we all tested it. I am not affiliated with the company I have mentioned here nor obligated to give either positive or negative review. Most of my reviews I have written are positive that is because we believed that a company who offers great product deserve a positive review, so it will help their business grow.


10 thoughts on “Organic Honey Review

  1. We LOVE honey around our house. We try to buy local for the allergen benefits, but sometimes it can be very hard to find. I’m glad to know there is a good alternative! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I love honey! I use it a lot as well. I buy my honey from a local source, I think supermarket honey is disgusting. I bet the organic honey does taste better, than other honey.

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