BullFish Grill Restaurant

BullFish Grill Restaurant offers such a delicious food. At that time we had lunch at this place, we weren’t sure what we want to eat. I told my husband that I want to eat some seafood. After eating burgers I was craving for something different. The bullfish Grill restaurant is a very nice place, it’s hard to miss them since they have this big bull outside the restaurant with a fish in his mouth.

We waited for about 5 minutes to get the table available for us. I didn’t know why since there was hardly anyone at the restaurant at that time. We ate lunch early before it gets crowded, so maybe they are short on staff.

When our waitress got to our table, we ordered our drinks first. Then he brought us this delicious bread with some butter spread. I must say the bread was definitely fresh baked because it was so moist.

My step-daughter ordered chicken fingers that comes with some fries and coleslaw. They have the best chicken fingers and fries definitely.

Our daughter Charlotte also ordered their chicken fingers with some fries. Both of the kids were pretty hungry, but the portion they got was just perfect for them.

For my husband, he ordered the grilled chicken with steam broccoli. Very healthy lunch for him, the chicken was actually moist inside and so juicy. It was very well seasoned, and the broccoli was steam perfect.

And for me, I decided to order their blackened tilapia. This comes with rice and a slice of lemon. It was a perfect portion for me since I wasn’t really hungry. The first was very juicy and full of flavor.

This restaurant is very nice, it’s clean inside and the food we ordered was all delicious. Even our kids pretty much eat all their food.

28 thoughts on “BullFish Grill Restaurant

  1. I would love to try the food at BullFish Grill Restaurant. I will have to look for a location near me. I am sure it will be a big hit with my family.

  2. I love restaurants that take the best of seafood and combine it with beef . It’s always so fun to see what different dishes they come up with. Each of these looks delicious but I think I would love to try the Grilled Chicken for sure.

  3. Bonefish is one of our favorites. The staff is always friendly and food has always been accurate and fast. And with a family of 7 it doesnt break the budget too much 🙂

  4. Looks like a lovely resto. Love the blackened tilapia and Grilled chicken with broccoli! This reminds me I need to buy my fish already…tilapia here I come! :D1

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