Breakfast At Pancake Pantry

Our breakfast at Pancake Pantry was our favorite. The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly. This place is always busy for breakfast when we went there to eat. It took us about 20 minutes to get our table, although the wait was long it was definitely worth it.

They offer coffee outside the building while waiting for the table. When we finally got out table, we had a hard time deciding what to order. I have never seen a menu with just full of different pancake flavor. Though I was craving for some omelet, my husband suggested something that comes with the omelet.

First, we ordered our drinks, the coffee at this place is the best. Then we ordered our pancakes, my husband ordered the Parisienne pancake that is rolled topped with strawberry compote. It was also topped with cooled compote, powder sugar, and real whipped cream.

My step-daughter she ordered the Pigs in a Blanket. Three tasty link sausages that are tucked inside a tender buttermilk pancake. Rolled to neatly, and serve with syrup and butter.

Our daughter Charlotte ordered the chocolate chips pancakes. Anywhere we eat breakfast she always looks for the chocolate chips pancake. This pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar.

And for me, I ordered just a regular omelet that comes with buttermilk pancakes. Nothing fancy just wanted it to be simple since I was not that hungry. The pancakes were still delicious, and my omelet is exactly how I wanted.

At the end of our breakfast, we all decided that the best pancakes were the Parisienne. It was full of flavor and just so moist. The Pigs in a Blanket is delicious too but it didn’t win over the Parisienne. Their chocolate chips pancakes were amazing I’d say it took the second place.

If you are going to Gatlinburg Tennessee don’t forget to eat at Pancake Pantry even just for one time. The breakfast at this place is something that you need to experience. My family and I we really enjoyed it.


19 thoughts on “Breakfast At Pancake Pantry

  1. I’ve never been to this area of Tennessee, but I am a huge pancake lover, and they look like they make heavenly pancakes. Should I find myself in the near vicinity, I would love to visit and try them.

  2. The food looks amazing! I’ve never had rolled pancakes before but I love me some pancakes. I also think it’s cool that they offer coffee while you wait in line. Nice customer service.

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