Dinner at Toke – Sushi & Thai Grill

Dinner at Toke Sushi & Thai Grill is something that we don’t really do often. We like exploring to a different restaurant and taste all sort of food, my step-daughter and husband love eating especially if it’s something that I don’t make at home often. Toke Sushi and Thai Grill are located in Fort Payne Alabama, this restaurant offers a lot of fantastic food, they have different sushi and all sort of spicy food that you can order.

The first food we got on our table was the soup and salad that came with two of our orders. The salad was topped with the ginger dressing, and the soup is mix with broth, green onions, and mushrooms. It was a perfect portion enough to fill our stomach while waiting for our food


Next one that came was my seaweed salad, it’s a mixture of seaweed, cucumber and a little of soy.  It was seasoned very well, and tasty, although my husband and kids didn’t really find it very appealing.  I was very proud of them for giving it a try, seaweed is an acquired taste, the texture of the seaweed is kind different.

Then came the tuna roll sushi that my husband ordered, as you all know my husband is a sushi lover.  So whenever we go to a restaurant that serves sushi he always orders sushi and while we order something else.  Although, by the time our food is served to our table, we always end-up sharing our food.  That way each of us knows how the other person food taste.

Next food that came to our table was the shrimp fried rice that was ordered for our daughter Charley.  Anything with shrimp she loves it, and even better mixed with rice.  My husband was trying to order just a small plate of shrimp fried rice but since they don’t offer just a small portion we end-up ordering the big plate of fried rice.

Next one is the hibachi chicken teriyaki that my step-daughter ordered.  This meal was full of flavor, serve with fried rice and mix vegetables.  Perfect portion for my step-daughter, the sauce that was mixed with the chicken was just perfect, most of the time when we order chicken teriyaki, the chicken is always swimming with all the sauce.  But in this case, the sauce was just perfect and the vegetables were cooked al dente.

The last food they serve on our table was my green chicken curry, oh my gosh this curry was amazingly delicious.  It wasn’t too spicy at all, the spice they added to this was just absolutely enough for me to feel it.  At first I wasn’t sure about how it taste really since I didn’t feel the heat, however, once I started eating more the heat then kick in.

Our dinner at this place was overall delicious, we took some of our food homes.  Definitely going back to this restaurant again, I must say it’s a great place to take your wife or family for a date.  It’s a quiet place, cleaned and the staff is very friendly. Save





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  1. One of our families favorite meals to eat and enjoy. So many different dishes and flavors to choose from and enjoy. Hard to decide which is my favorite.

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