China House Restaurant

We lived in a small town here in Alabama, however, there are so many restaurants who have great food.  My husband along with his friend they always try different restaurant especially when they are working somewhere.   One of the restaurants that my husband like is China House Restaurant.  This restaurant is locally owned by a very nice couple.  The food was amazing during our dinner date, the atmosphere and it was very clean as well.

Our daughter Charlotte ordered the Shrimp Fried Rice.  Yes, she is very Asian, anything with rice she will eat it.  However, with the combination of Shrimp and Rice is even better since she loves Shrimp.  The shrimp fried rice was really delicious, it’s full of flavor and it wasn’t very oily at all.  It was mixed with some carrots, onions, eggs and some soy sauce.

The next order we made was the Mint Leaves Spicy Garlic Chicken.  I figured since I have not tasted this kind of flavor I thought I will give it a try.  The owner said it’s a little sweet and minty as well.  I am not big into sweet flavor on my meal, however, I wanted to try it.  Just is full of some spice and so much flavor.  This was sweet with a touch of spice on it, it was very delicious.  However, my husband and I end-up switching food because I cannot eat all of it.

Moo Goo Gai Pan is definitely a must next time.  This was very delicious, perfect to be on the top of the rice.  The flavor of this is exactly what I like.  The juice is a little bit thicker which makes it even better.  Comes with a lot of vegetables and chicken.

Each time we go out at any Asian Restaurant I always order hot tea.  It’s a very refreshing drink, and you can drink it the entire you are in the restaurant.

Hot and Sour Soup is something that we like to have before our meal.  When my husband told me how good their hot and sour soup, I didn’t hesitate to order it.  This hot and sour soup is delicious, the thickness is just perfect.

Our experience at China House Restaurant was amazing, we love our food and the service was amazing.  The prices of their food are very reasonable. Definitely going back there next time.



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