Shrimp & Salted Eggs

Shrimp & Salted Eggs are very delicious. I don’t know if a lot of people heard about salted eggs but one thing for sure they are delicious. A friend of mine she sells salted eggs for a very great price. Since it has been awhile since the last time I had salted eggs I decided to buy some. Although I know that my husband and kids won’t eat the salted eggs because it’s a little bit salty. I went ahead at bought few eggs any, because I love it. With the salted eggs it’s delicious if you mix it with tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar. The cilantro is optional but since I love adding cilantro on a lot of my dish I decided to add some with my salted eggs.

On my shrimp, it’s very easy. I use a lot of garlic and I used butter instead of olive oil. There’s something about the butter that always makes the shrimp taste so much better. I also use celery leaves, salt and pepper to taste. Cooking shrimp is easy, I don’t over cooked my shrimp because if I do it’s difficult to get peel. I don’t cook shrimp all the time but every now and then I surprised my crew for it. Shrimp and salted eggs are delicious to eat with rice. Shrimp & Salted Eggs are really good to eat every now and then.  It can be addicting sometimes though, but definitely worth it. You can use the salted eggs on some of your recipe as well.





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