Bubba Ritos Southwest Grill

Bubba Ritos Southwest Grill is a great place to visit for lunch and dinner.  My husband took us there a few nights ago for dinner and I must say the food is unbelievably delicious.  They have so many choices on their menu, I’d say it’s like ordering Subway really.  Bubba Ritos Southwest Grill has different locations near us so it’s not hard to find them.  My husband and I ordered their Bubba Burritos, we put a chicken in it and other vegetables.

The food was so good that we left all fill-up, I had some leftovers on mine because I can’t eat all of it.  I definitely recommend this place, it was my first time going to Bubba Ritos Southwest Grill and I must say their food really impressed my taste.  It was worth the money, our ordered comes with chips and drinks.  They also have a kids menu, which is my daughter favorite because they make the best cheese quesadilla.

Their chips are fresh and very crunchy, they make your burritos in-front of you just like you are waiting on Subway. If you visited this place before what did you think about their food? Did you enjoy it? Please let me down below.



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