Tomorrow is Not A Promise

Tomorrow is Not A Promise, so enjoy every bit of you life today as we can never predict what is coming tomorrow.  Sometimes we look for something else, and forget that God has gave us so much in our life that we should be thankful about.   Today smile, shine, and show them that you are brighter that what they think.  Enjoy your life, keep that smile going and keep pushing forward.

Life is too short for all drama and bs, ignore those because they will ruin your life without you knowing.  Take advantage at how beautiful life is really is.  Today laugh more, hold those people whom you love,  and be courageous, because tomorrow is a different day. 

Here some awesome motivation I found on pinterest.

Photo Credit Back GardenofSimple

Photo Credit to Jennakutcher

Hope you enjoy this little message, have a blessed Friday everyone and awesome fun weekend ahead of you. Keep that mind positive and remember life is not about being sad and all.  Be happy, Be you, be fun and thankful. Because tomorrow is not a promise or guaranteed.



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