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Guest Post welcome. Topic must be about Food and Travels. Also I accept about Lifestyle & DIY.

Good morning everyone. How are you doing? Hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far.  I am accepting Guest Post in my blog now.

I was contemplating about this post, However I realized that now a days Guest Post has become a big part of the blogging industry.  My blog is about Food and Travel, as well as the lifestyle and DIY. If you have these niche and would like to be feature on my site let me know by leaving a comments below. 

Words must be 250 to 400 words counts, and must talk about Travel, Food, Lifestyle and DIY.  You will be credited back by linking the post to your web site or blog.  Your content will be review by me, and as soon as it’s completed I will post is right away here on my site.  To send me your content simply email me at or go to my Contact Me, and fill up the requirements in formations.

If for some reason your content get rejected I will contact you and we can make changes.  Guest Post that is full of spam is definitely not welcome.  Content must be authentic and owned by you not copied from someone else blog post.  Originality is a must on the Guest Post,  if you think you all this qualification, then feel free to send me an email.

Looking forward on hearing from you, and thank you for stopping by here.  I appreciate your time and effort. 

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19 thoughts on “My Site Is Now Accepting Guest Post

  1. It is a great idea to add guest posts! I recently started this and have definitely made some great connections in the process. I am a lifestyle and travel blogger as well. Would love to collaborate sometime!

  2. I will be following to see how this works out for you and the bloggers who guest post. I have considered both guest posting and allowing guest posts on my blog but have not done either yet. So, curious lurker here haha. Wishing you the best on this new venture!

  3. Guest posts are something I keep hearing about but I’ve never partook. I have a specific niche that only makes sense within that niche. I am curious to hear how it goes! Cheers!

  4. That will be great! I have read that guest posting is another way to gain traffic to one’s blog. I am thinking if I will accept guest posting in my blog or not yet, although I already have there a page for guest post.

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