Philippines Fruits That I Love & Like

Here are the list of Philippines Fruits That I Love & Like. Since I came in the United States eating a fresh fruits is next to impossible. With that being said I was raise in a farm where we grow our own fruits and when we want to eat some fruits we just go to the tree and start picking them. I was telling my parents that the only way I can eat these fruits I have listed below is if they are frozen imported from the Philippines.

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of fruits here in the US as well such as apple, grapes, and other commons fruits we have in our groceries. I am attaching few pictures of the fruits that I love and like eating back when I was living in the Philippines. Some requires guts to eat and some don’t I’ll just put it that way. lol. So let’s get started.

Durian is one thing that growing I hated to eat or even smell.  The reason I said that is because of it’s strong odor.  Some people will tell you that this fruit taste sweet but the smell is just disgusting, others find the aroma overpowering with an unpleasant odor. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust, and has been described variously as rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage. The persistence of its odor, which may linger for several days, has led to the fruit’s banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in Southeast Asia.   It will literary make you puke if you going to try this for the first time.  But once you taste it, it’s different story.  Just like the saying goes, it smells like hell but it taste like heaven lol.  That’s how I think this fruit is.

Marang is the fruit that has a strong scent, it’s considered superior on flavor to both the jackfruit and cempedak.  This fruit is very addicting, it’s sweet and it’s something that you want to eat everyday.  This is popular where I grow up, we have a lot of farmers that grow Marang.  When it’s ripe you can tell because its smells so good.  Most of the farmers harvest these before it’s ripen, just to avoid dropping it on the ground.

Eating this is not messy at all, and leave a nice scents on your hand.

Sampalok is what this fruit called, a lot of Filipino use this for making soup as well just to give it sour taste.  Myself I use this to make Chicken Sinigang which a soup with some vegetable.  This fruits you can find some sweet as well, and most of the time we eat this when they are still green inside, we dip it on salt and eat it.  Although you can wait until it ripen that way the taste is more of sweet than sour.  Once this is ripe the seeds inside change to color brown.

In the Philippines we called this fruit Balimbing this has a scientific name Averrhoa Carambola.  It’s also called star fruits because when you cut this crosswise they shape just a like a star.  Some of the Balimbing fruits are sour and some are sweet.  My grandparents they have a big tree growing beside their house and I remember growing up I used to climbed the tree just to eat this fruit.

This fruit is what we called guava, it’s a very common fruits you will see in a lot of Filipino backyard.  That’s because it’s easy to grow them and they produce a lot of fruits.  Some of them they get really big as a softball ball, sometimes bigger.  We eat this when it’s ripe enough, because if you eat this while it’s green the taste is kinda different.  This have a lot of seeds inside, so before I eat I always take the seeds out or just go around it as I am biting the fruit.  Guava is very good for you.

Guava can be found in few store here in the US, some of them are imported from Mexico, Philippines or grown from Florida.  Although I have not really seen guava that came from Florida.  Most of the one I saw is from Philippines and Mexico.

Green mango, I must say this is one of my favorite to eat.  They are sour but it’s something that we can’t resist growing up.  I remembered my friends and I we will slice this is little pieces, then put some vinegar, tomatoes and onions, then eat it with rice.  Yes you heard that right, we use this as a partner of our rice especially if we don’t have anything else to eat.  My grandparents have a lot of mango trees, and we don’t have money to buy meat or something to go with our rice, they always feed us with green mango mix with slice of tomatoes and onions.

This is popular at school as well, they serve this with what we called “bagoong or uyap”.  It’s little shrimp that it canned and has it’s own smell.  Some do eat this mixed with “ginamos” canned little fish that is salty.

I hope you enjoy this post.  Thank you all and have a great day.

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31 thoughts on “Philippines Fruits That I Love & Like

  1. I love this post!! <3 I have tried durian but sadly, I didn't liked it because of the smell. But I love green mangoes specially when you eat it bagoong!!

  2. I've only hear of the star fruit and mangoes! They sound amazing and so exotic – would be refreshing to change up the fruit in our home with spoiled smelling onion fruit 😉 – this really does sound delicious and will have to try!

  3. Very interesting. I live in Miami now, but when I lived a little farther south in Homestead, FL there are all kinds of exotic fruits grown. There is a park called the Fruit and Spice park, where they have fruits and spices growing from around the world. So good to try out different things!

  4. lol yes the smell is disgusting but the taste of it is really good. I love it. Back when I was young I remembered covering my nose to try this fruit.

  5. Keoshia the taste is really good, it's just the smell before even cutting it is the one that a lot of people doesn't like. But once you get over on the smell this fruit inside is really good.

  6. Well atleast you try it though that's good. Yes the smell of Durian is different. Green mango is yummy oh my yes the bagoong is perfect for it.

  7. Lol yes the smell is awful. Okay imagine leaving you garbage can inside your house, That's how it smell. But the taste is delicious. The guava is really good as well.

  8. I am with you LC, my dad and mom use to ask me to taste the Durian and when I want to try I started puking. So I told them I will pass and wait for the right time. Mango and vinegar is delicious.

  9. Amy if you try the durian even if you leave it unopened the smell will be all over your house hahhaha. I did that one time because my husband wants to try it and he told me oh my gosh with the smells lol.

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