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So this past few weeks I started taking vinegar every morning before I drink anything else. I mixed the 2 teaspoon of vinegar with a cup of water, and then I add 1 tablespoon of honey in it as well.  Aside from that I also take 1 tablespoon honey due to I am allergic to some of trees around us and also the pollen.

In some people Vinegar are gross but this kind of apple cider vinegar I am using is actually not bad.  I started using 1 teaspoon of vinegar mix in one cup of water. Now since I tolerate the smell of the vinegar I started mixing 1 tablespoon on vinegar in a cup of water.  You can start at a little amount of vinegar if you don’t like it.  That way you can get use to it, there are different apple cider vinegar that you can buy.  This vinegar is 5% acidity with the “Mother”.  The “Mother” is suppose to be good for you so, that’s why I choose the one with “Mother”. 

If you like going to a wholefood store, you can buy apple cider vinegar from there as well.  I have noticed that since I started doing this routine, that I feel good, and I am losing more of my baby weight.  The honey you can use it to mix with the vinegar to add a nice sweet taste to it. 

Have you tried this before? Did it work? If you have not tried this before and you are planning or thinking on trying let me know what you think about it once you try this method.  Thank you all.

12 thoughts on “My Daily Routine

  1. i do this daily. i put two table spoons in a shot glass and fill the rest with water and throw it back and then i chase it with a full glass of fresh water. I tried adding it to a glass of water and it was the longest glass of water i had ever drank. LOL

  2. I drink it cold, I put ice on it while I drink sometimes I don't put any ice at all as long as it's cold. Have not tried it warm though I might try it.

  3. Oh really? Lately I have been using like the small mason jar the one they use for the jelly and put about a cup of water with two tablespoon of vinegar and just drink it all. It requires getting use too hahhahha.

  4. I saw this on television few months ago and I was telling my husband, you know what I am gonna give this a try. He told me oh you can have it all, I am not doing it You can forget it hahhahhaha.

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