Another Rainy Day Here

Another rainy day here in our area, hopefully soon we will see the sunshine.  Although I am thankful that God has shower us with this rain.  We are thankful for another day in our life.  Rain makes you sleepy do and for some reason it feel so good to take a nap at night lol.  I don’t know if that just me, but have you all ever notice that whenever it’s raining. You feel like taking a nap, there is something about rain that is very soothing in our brain.  I am guessing it’s because it calms us down.

I was telling my husband that rain is another way to calm us down, very relaxing and makes you forget everything that is stressing you.  In some cases I know it’s always don’t work like that but I must say listening to the rain is just music to your ears. 

So how does the raindrops makes you feel?
Leave it down below.

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