Organization Day #2 – Making the best of our Pantry.

Having a small pantry is very challenging in most cases, because you have to be careful how much you buy.  Aside from blogging, I also shop using coupons so it’s very important to me that I keep my pantry organized at all time.  Not all the time that I have it organized due to us working so much.  Anyway, I will show you the before and after of our pantry.  I think and I am making progress, I’m waiting for more organizer to come.
Let’s get started everyone.

The first pictures is the shelves where I always put all of our snacks, rice, beans and other dry food.  The before picture as you notice it wasn’t very appealing at all.  I wanted our snacks shelves to look full but not cluttered.  So what I did is I use the empty container that I always had , then transfer a lot of ox food to it. As you can see on the after I labelled most everything, some I just cut the name from it’s original bag/box and tape it to the jar or container.  Now the kids and my husband can easily find snacks.

 My less favorite area in my pantry you know why? Because it’s way too high for me lol, really I have to use a stool to be able to reach up to this level.  This is where I put my box cereal, salt, the canned green beans that I did, coffee, box of rice and hot chocolate milk mix.

 This is the area where we put our extra snacks.  It was pretty cluttered before I arranged it, I’m hoping to find a big bin that is big enough for all my Chex Mix.  I have three different flavors that’s why I need three big containers.  For the goldfish I just left them on their original packaging.

 Mostly the jelly and jam that mother-in-law and I canned from last year is on this shelves. I also decided to put our noodles in here that way I can see it better. 

 Not this is one of my favorite, the place for all my canned good.  I have some soup here as well that I canned from last year.  We are almost out of it since we have been using it a lot. This is the area of our pantry that I wish was a little bit bigger.

Anyway, let me know what you think about this organization. If you like it don’t forget to leave a comment below. Have you begin the first step on your organization?

29 thoughts on “Organization Day #2 – Making the best of our Pantry.

  1. Your kitchen organization is coming along great. My pantry looks like this. My boxes are together and the cans are together. I usually keep everything in its original containers.

  2. Can you please come to my house and do my organization? We have such a mess of our cupboards. My husband is Celiac so he has an entire cabinet to himself which has now become such a disaster that all kinds of stuff is in there.

    I like how neat and tidy yours look.

  3. Lol i know your feeling. Having a 3 years old, a 14 years old, a nephews who comes to the house. Oh my sometimes I just go to the room and take a deep breath. lol.

  4. Lol Nicole I would love to. But dang girl you probably need to provide me with advil, cofee, sugar snacks to keep me going hahahhaha. Keeping the pantry organized keep the OCD shut hahahhaha.

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