Organization Day #1 – Getting Rid of the Clutter in our Fridge

So I have been really wanting to organized around the house. Having a 3 years old, teenager and a dog is challenging.  Sometimes it’s hard to be organized because I have other things to do that are more important that organizing.  Anyway, today I took a step forward to my organization plan for this year.  I really want our house to be clean, organized and neat.

I was so motivated that I forgot to take the before pictures.  Let’s get started.

The first picture I kinda change what I put on this area.  I used to put my Oyster sauce here and  other stuff.  But I decided to move it to a different location.  Making this more neater, they are they same height as well.  I have the ginger paste here, black bean sauce that I made, a jar of jalapeño  and extra ketchup.

 On this second picture, put everything that I use all the time.  Like the minced garlic, salsa, pickle and jalapeno. As you can tell I love jalapeno.

 On this section I just put all my taller bottle since it’s has the bigger space for my sauce that we constantly use.

 Then the cheese and butter.  I just put them together since they are not that much.  These the cheese the my kids love to snacks.

 As you can see

 We make our own sweet tea since we like our better than the one at the store.  Although sometimes we go out and buy tea especially if we forget to make some. 

 For now I am happy with how the fridge look.  I need more acrylic organizer.  I’m trying to find a good deal for it. 

That’s all for now, I hope that this inspired other busy mommies out there, who is struggling on starting the organization process at your house.  I will be posting more organization idea soon.  Thank you for visiting and you all have a great night.

29 thoughts on “Organization Day #1 – Getting Rid of the Clutter in our Fridge

  1. I hate cleaning the fridge, but I try to clean it once a week before garbage day. I don't like to keep it too cluttered either, that way things are easier to find. P.S. I love jalapenos too!

  2. I feel like a clean fridge just makes me want to eat healthy! Hahaha. When I'm faced with clutter, I just want to shut the fridge and go to the pantry (where my choices are more junky and less fresh!)

  3. It sure it. My husband came home from work yesterday and he was relieved to see the fridge so clean and organized. He told me he can finally see what there we have in the firdge lol.

  4. Your welcome Jehava, one goal I have this year is to keep my organizing flowing and don't give up on it. So i am sticking to it even though it makes me tired and exhausted. lol

  5. I guess noone is trilled about cleaning the fridge and that is the case with me too. 🙂 Somehow I always get to do that in our house, since my hubby would have no idea what he's supposed to do. 😃

  6. This is such a good idea and I would love to execute it but three Lil divas and a hubby may derail me. Going to try to get then on board. Thanks for the motivation

  7. I have a lot to do when it comes to cleaning my fridge as it has been months since I touched them lately. You have done a great job really and these organization ideas could be so helpful for people like me!

  8. Thank you. I need to buy more of those organizers. I found those at the thrift store,so far I have not had a luck finding more of same design.

  9. To be honest with you I have organized this fridge so many times and it always doesn't stay organized. But this time for some reason it's stays organized. My husband loves it because he can see everything.

  10. Don't feel bad lisa because this is the first I have organized the fridge since Christmas. It was a lot throwing away but I can't let is pass another day to let it sit there,

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