The Love Between This Two Is Unbelievable

As you can see this two love each other, their love is just unbelievable.  Brix just had a seizure, she is very weak for some reason. My husband lay down with her, when he did she started loving on him.  Brix is a wonderful dog to everyone, but we all know her human is my husband.  This two click instantly the moment they meet for the first time. We got Brix few months ago, matter of fact before Thanksgiving of last year I believed.

When we saw her condition it breaks my heart, she smelled really bad and very skinny.  We took her to our home, we fell in-love with the dog.  She is a great dog, very well behave, knows what not to do, she is also great with the kids and very protective over my husband.  Few weeks ago, she under go a surgery so she won’t have baby anymore and for the smell s to go.  After the surgery, my husband took her back to the doctor for check up, while they was their they told my husband that our dog have a cancer.

It was a devastating news for all of us, especially to my husband because this is his baby.  This dog follow him around our house, even at his shop.  At this point we don’t really know what to do with our dog other than take her to specialist to see if the cancer is fixable or if we need to let her go.  It seems like she is not getting better, also it’s not fair to let her suffer in pain.  Who knows how long has this been going on before we even took her to our home.

She is the best dog that anyone can have, hopefully God will help us with her, answer our prayer.  Well that’s all for now everyone, too much sadness.  Just thought I’d share what our dog Brix is going through. Thank you so much for your time and taking efforts to read this post.  Please keep our dog in your prayer.

Have a bless day.

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