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As some of you may know the Christmas Clearance started on the 17th of this month.  I can’t remember when it ends but you might want to check out the closest Dollar Store in your area.  I found few things that I know I will need next Christmas.  For each items I paid $.25 each, yeah that is right I paid less compare to waiting until Christmas season.  Here are the few items that I bought.

 Since we need new tree topper, I decided to get this white topper with some gold glitter on it.  For the price I payed it’s definitely worth it.  The can is going to be perfect for baked cookies to just put in the middle of the coffee table.

On this one the cookie cutter oh I know my kids will love this. Our three years old baby is just now starting to enjoying baking.  Last year she made a nice cookie but without the cutter like this.  The light clips I wish I found more because we needed this to hang the Christmas light, my husband and I talked about putting Christmas lights around the house.  To make it more fun and holiday feeling I suppose.  When I went to the dollar store near our house, everything was pretty much sold out except for some ribbons, wrappings papers, paper bags, and miscellaneous decors.

This cold and silver oh my I am in love with this color combination.  This coming Christmas we are changing the team on our tree, making it more gold and silver to change it up, so finding couple strand of this decor is pretty awesome.  The gift tag is cute, and I did bought all that they have.  A lady told me that there was one family that pretty much wipe them out.  I guess it’s not just me that is getting ready for the next Christmas.  Shopping for Christmas decoration when it’s clearance is very smart.  You are decorating your house without spending so much money.

Anyway, if you have Dollar Store near by don’t forget to check them out and see if they have more Christmas stuff left.   Thank you for stopping by here everyone.  You all take care and God Bless.

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