Been A Busy Weekend For Me

This weekend has been busy for us, for the past weekend the Flea Market has been slow to a lot of people.  The sales wasn’t that good at all, but that never stop my husband and I from going each weekend.  Last weekend it was so pretty so we decided to work on Saturday and Sunday.  I must say we was tired each day because we had to be there before 5 in the morning.  From Saturday and Sunday I personally just had about 6 hours of sleep.  Yeah we work hard to support our family, one thing I like about Flea Market is that you are the boss of your own. 

Although sometimes owning your own business is hard because you have the tendency of being lazy every now and then.  My husband always say if you are lazy there is not future in our life, if you want something you gotta work hard to get it. Because no one is just gonna hand it to you.  Today we did went to another Flea Market since it was a beautiful day.  We pretty much work all the time, we rest some on the weekends when we want too hahahhaha. 

Anyway, all in all my weekend was great, the weather was perfect and I worked with the family.  Thank you all for stopping by here in my blog.

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