Taken By My Samsung Galaxy

It’s amazing how beautiful a phone camera can take pictures sometimes.  I took this picture during our photo-shoot session.  I cannot resist how beautiful the sun was reflecting the grass and the old tractor that we have.  Our photography studio have about over 2 acre and so we decorated certain areas of our place for photography.  Although sometimes we like to travel for some pictures but on the summer since our fields looks very pretty with the plants, flowers and grass we choose to stay around our area. 

This picture was taken by my Samsung Galaxy 6, I am pretty impressed on the result. Even my husband is amazed on how good a picture this is.   My husband and I are photographers, it’s what we do for living aside from doing other things. I will be sharing some our photography here and other things.  Anyway, hope you all have a great time.  Thank you for being here in my blog.


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23 thoughts on “Taken By My Samsung Galaxy

  1. Just looking at the photo, I wouldn't have guessed that it was taken by a phone camera. Phone cameras have really gone a long way! I love how it captured each ray of light in gradients. It really adds depth to the photo. 🙂

  2. Thank you Bhushavali yes my husband was amazed how pretty this picture was. Now a days cellphone can take a pictures as good as a camera. That tractor we use it for props on our photography.

  3. Thank you Michelle, it was very hot summer when I captured this photo. My husband was busy taking pictures while I was playing with phone :).

  4. I will share more photos that my phone takes, I use it to take pictures of my kids when we are out for family night out or just having dinner.

  5. We are so lucky now that we always have our phones to take any memorable view we encounter at any time. I have a relatively cheap smartphone (less than P10K) but it takes great looking pictures as well.

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