One of Our Favorite to Make is Eggroll

One of Our Favorite to Make is Eggroll, when I make egg roll I always make a bunch enough that I can put some in the freezer.  There is two way to cook the egg-roll, you can either baked it or fry it using vegetable oil or olive oil.  I tried baking them few times and I like it, it was still crispy like I wanted it to be.  If you fry the egg-roll make sure you use a paper towel to let them drain all the oil from being fry.  Make this ahead of time, and separate base on how many eggrolls your crew in your household a meal. 

You can make eggroll with just vegetables if you can’t eat meat.  Or you can buy a ground turkey or ground chicken to make it more healthier.  A lot of people use either ground pork or ground beef.  Use whatever meat fit you, I know I have made this with deer meat and oh boy it was delicious.  But definitely you can make this vegetarian as well.  You can even use tofu on this, just thinly slice it and you will be good to go.

If you are busy like me, then you are most likely preparing all your food ahead or time.  Making one big preparation and save whatever is left for the later.  For eggroll you can use the wrapper that you see at Walmart,  I can’t remember how many in one package, but I always buy two to three of those wrapper that way I have a bunch to keep.  If you have Asian store near you, the best eggroll wrapper you can get is at Asian store, it’s thin wrapper and easy to work with. 

Anyway, Eggroll is one of our favorite to eat at home.  I don’t make it all the time though, if you have some recipes you want me to share or know how to make them, let me know by leaving comments below.  Have a bless day everyone.


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