Locking Yourself Out of Your Car

Awhile ago I went to the post office to mail some orders I sold online. I was in hurry to mail my stuff that I didn’t realized to turn off my car and get the keys.  There was another car parked beside me so I didn’t make it too obvious that my keys in locked inside my car.  Lucky me, one of my passenger door doesn’t locked unless it’s manually lock.  But golly did it scares me so hard.  On the back of my head I was thinking oh boy I might need to barrow phone to call my husband now.  Yup I locked everything in the car except for the package.  Lol that’s what happened when you are too busy thinking other things.  Multi tasking mom that’s why, I was praying that the other car did not lock this time.  Because sometimes it will lock just like the rest of the door.  After I dropped off my package I went to the door that I hope is unlock and when I opened it, it was unlock.  I was very happy, knowing that I won’t be going back inside the post office to barrow their phone to call my husband.

So who else in here lock their self out of the car? I am sure I’m not the only one right.

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