Monogrammed Shirts For My Family

My husband bought me a nice machine to do a monogram. About two years ago he bought a nice Silhouette Machine for my Birthday/Christmas presents lol.  Learning how to use this machine was a challenge, I was so close to give it up, but then just when I thought I’d never learned how to use the machine something happened.  I finally figured things out, how to manipulate everything, welding and so on.  Not that I am expert now but I must say I can and has been doing a lot of monogram.  I have sold some online as well and in our local area.

Last month we had a family gathering with my husband family.  I decided to make some some shirts for my kids and husband that we can wear.  The design was pretty simple as you can on the picture attached above.  For us girls I just press our initials to a nice white long sleeve shirts, and for my husband I did the “Number Dad with our kids name underneath”. Our youngest daughter he monogram was on the back since I had a different design pressed on her shirt already.  I also made her the shirt says baby bear which he likes so much. 

Monogramming shirt is a lot of fun, I price mine according to what kind or design my customers wants. If it’s just a front design I charge them $25, and if it’s front and back it’s different charge. For the kids I charge $20.  It’s pretty fun to do, I enjoy doing monogram.  Anyway, thank you for stopping by everyone.  If you have some design that you want me to make simply message or comments on the comments area and we can discuss further. 

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