Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmable Switch and 6' UL-Listed Cord (2 Pack)

My step-mother-in-law and my father-in-law gave us a nice Himalayan lamp few years ago and we love it.  This works pretty good in our house.  It’s pretty heavy but worth having around. 
“The Himalayan Mountains formed over the course of millions of years where continental collision between the Indo-Australian Plate and Eurasian Plate lifted the sea floor and trapped portions of the ancient oceans within these mountain ranges. As these ancient oceans separate and dried up, they left significant brine deposits that became buried within the Earth. Deep within these numerous pockets laid troves of ancient treasures, the origin for Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Lamps.”
So if you are interested on buying this Lamp, check them out at amazon.  This price is actually great, you get two as well. I can’t remember how much my father-in-law paid for our.  It’s a pretty good size lamp, easy to move around. 
Thank you all for visiting and you have great night.

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