Saving Every Pennies We Get or Stumble Upon

I don’t know about your but saving every pennies I get or stumble upon is a big thing for me.  I always say to myself “Every pennies add ups”.  My husband and I went to the our bank few months ago and we was asking one of the teller if they have a machine to count our pennies since we are lazy to roll them.  The teller told us that if we use 1 Gallon of the Milk Jug its equivalent to $50.00.  We don’t’ have to do any rolling whatsoever, we just have to make sure everything in that gallon is pennies. 

So what I did is starting to clean our milk jug after we drink it all.  It’s definitely save a lot of hassle rolling and buying all or roller from the store.  The other day on my spare time I decided to visit the Pinterest web site and see what other ideas I will find on savings pennies.  I share a picture in here on how you can also do 365 savings.

This is another fun way of your kids to get them started and learn how to save each pennies they get.  Kids seems to find more change than we are.  Lol yeah my kids find coins all the time laying around the house or on the road.  Teaching our kids how to save money is big benefits for them in the future.  Let me know what you think of this idea and if you have tried it give me a feedback about it.

Thank you all and have a wonderful time.  Stay warm as it’s freezing outside. 

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