Soon To Be Aunt To A Twin Babies

For a long time I was wondering who in our family will have twin, since in our family at my dad side has a twin babies.  I was hoping that it’s going to be that way it’s just one push and there I have two beautiful babies.  The odd didn’t work with me on that case, however I am very proud to say that my baby sister is soon gonna give birth to a twin babies.  As far as i know it’s a baby boy and other they can’t tell because of how the baby was position.  I am guessing it’s going to be a baby girl but whatever God give us we are happy and thankful.

Not long ago my sister told me that she is pregnant.  I asked her how many months, and when she showed me her stomach I right away have the feeling that she is going to be having a twin.  Few days ago they went to have an ultrasound done and it’s confirmed. Twin babies in my family is about to be added.  My parents are nervous but I told them it’s going to be alright.  I cannot wait to meet my nephew/niece.   Thank God for this wonderful blessing.   

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