Started My Weekly Savings

So yesterday I started my weekly savings using this kind of method.  I used this before and it work just great. This is another way of saving money to prepare for the future spending like Christmas or Vacation.  Doing it weekly is so much easier because it’s not heavy in your wallet. Even your spare change you can add to this weekly savings.

As each week pass by your $ amount will start changing.  What I did also is scratching the week I have done already that way I know which week I am.  You can even put this on the wall just to remind you each week that you have to put money in your weekly savings. 

This year my husband and I New Year resolution is better our life everyday and time pass by.  Live life a little bit despite all the troubles we encounter.  Keeping our life positive, and planning everything smart  So I hope that you all like this ideas, let me know if you have started your weekly savings or if you have started doing savings the dime or quarter. 

Thank you all for visiting my blog and you all have a great day.  Keep checking back here in my blog as I will be adding more post here. Thank you.

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