Unfortunately, HTC Sense has stopped

So the other day for some reason I kept getting this message on our studio phone.  I didn’t really give it too much of a thoughts because I thought well it will go away once we will restart  it.  Today I turn on our studio phone and noticed that I am still getting the same message.   I restarted it so many time and still nothing, so I went look online for a solution.  I found so many ideas but none of them work for me.  When I restarted is for the last time before I entered my pin number on my phone I tapped on the top of my phone and managed to get to the setting.

Before I go to my setting it asked me for my pin number, so I entered my pin number.
What I did was I went to Settings – Apps Manage – Sense Home .  I cleared the catch and force to stopped. After doing that, my phone got fixed.  I was able to have complete access to my phone without any interruption.  So hopefully this help to anyone who is having problem with HTC.

I was scared there for minutes because I thought I have to get a new phone for our business.  But thankfully with a little patience, I fixed it without any problem at all.  Thank you for stopping by and hope you have a bless day.

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