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Okay so I was browsing around the Internet looking for a great idea on how to save my coins. I stumbled at few ideas, there was different chart that we can follow to be able to have money for Christmas shopping. 
The attached picture is an idea on how you can save those coins that are just sitting in your wallet or purse. You can this this kind of method for nickel, quarter and pennies.  All you have to do is use different bottle of each coins.  
Also if you don’t want to use this method and the hassle of finding a 2 liter of coke bottle, every now and then Walmart carry those big coke bottle. It’s a pretty tall bottle about 38 inches I think if I am not mistaken. 
There are so many ways that you can save coins. Some people do use empty jars and customized it so they know what is the saving for.  So many methods that you can do and they are pretty self explanatory. Not hard to follow at all, you can even use this method for your kids that way they have money save to use in the future. 
Using your empty spaghetti jars would be  fun add a little design to it.  I bought the big coke bottle at Walmart, my husband and I just dumped all our coins in the bottle.  I also have bottle for just the pennies., Remembered one time when we went to the bank, a lady told me that a jag of pennies is equivalent to $50.  
I have not tried using the milk gallon for my pennies since I just use the coffee can..  But I have kept two milk gallon that I can use.  I want to see if it’s really $50.00, we all know now a days people doesn’t really like keeping the pennies much anymore.  But here in our house we like keeping each pennies we could get, every little pennies adds up you know.  Another method that I found and have done in the past is the weekly savings.  This is when you start saving money and each week you have certain amount that you need to put in the jar.
Like this week you can start putting $2 in your jar, and keep doing it each week. And by the end of the last week saving you should have enough money to either go for a vacation or buy your kids Christmas presents.  Remember a back-up money or plan is always great idea because we don’t know what’s going to happened in the future.  
I always say it, grass is not always green, there are times where we need assistant to get back up.  Another thing you can do is, save each $5 dollar you get your hands on.  What I meant about that if like today if you have one $5 put it in your jar, and repeat this procedure for 12 months everyday, and you will be surprised on what you come up at the end of the year.  
A lady that I know from a Facebook group did the weekly savings and when we went for a vacation she had over $2000.00 to spend for just fun or whatever she wants.  There are three different way of saving on the weekly method.  If you want to have a great total in the end you can start your weekly saving with $4 then follow the next amount suggested.  Or you can do $1 first then follow what is the next amount they said to save, If not you can always start by putting $2 in the jar.

Everything is depend on your, whatever you do at the end of this cycle you will have money waiting for you to spend on whatever you want to buy for yourself or your family.  If you go visit Pinterest, you can find so many great ideas on how to save money.

You can even have your kids do this kind of method, since most of the kids gets presents from their grandparents, uncle, aunts and even to their friends.  This is another way of showing them how to save every little money they get from other people to prepare for their future.

If you all tried all these methods or if you have a different way of saving money, please leave comments below and I will be happy to share it here on my blog.  I will be featuring comments on my blog, so we can spread the words to other people out there who is looking for a great ideas to save money.  Thank you all for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy this little ideas of mine.  You all have a great day, and I will see you again.

11 thoughts on “How to Save Your Coins

  1. Amazing what a person can save. My mom always use to save dimes. Now I know why and heck that was back in the 60's and she had it going on. Love the charts really brings everything into focus.

  2. I agree saving change is so painless. The last time I took my change to the bank I had $165. I would only empty my change when my purse started to get heavy, it was a fun treat.

  3. That's what I do cleaning my purse each week. Our bank told us now that we don't have to roll all the penny what we can do is put it inside the 1 gallon milk jug and that should equal to $50.

  4. Wow I need to start saving 5 dollars at a time so I can have more savings. Great point. This is a good way to keep me accountable. 🙂 Thank you. -Jocelyne from

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