New Year Ready

In my country we have tradition each New Year where we prepare 12 rounds fruits.  We cook different food, such as rice cake, noodles, eggroll, some dessert.  No chicken has to be prepare during New Year.  When moved here in the US the tradition here are different.  So when I married my husband, each New Year I combined our tradition, which is a lot of fun.  Because his family and our kids get to see two tradition combined.

Cooking sometimes is a lot of work but it’s part of it.  Today I bought some of the greens such as the collard greens, then black eyed peas, eggroll wrappers, all my fruits, wine for us, champagne, welch’s sparkling drink.

Get together is not complete without any fried rice, rice noodles, and some delicious sandwich.  We are not preparing much since we didn’t invite a lot of people in our house.  It’s mostly just the family. My nephew requested that for dessert I will make rice cake, my colored muffins. This year I added something to our table, and that is Macaroni Fruit Salad.  Yeah I know it sounds kinda weird but I assure you it taste delicious.  When my husband tasted it tonight I look at his face, he was very unsure but once he tasted it, he loves it.

So what are you preparing for you New Year?  Don’t hesitate to post it down below.  Thank you all for stopping by here in my blog. You all have a great Happy New Year.  We wish you all a great year.

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