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I am guessing you want to start blogging right? Well I am glad you stop by here in my blog. My goal on this post is to share some knowledge I have learned from blogging. You don’t have to be a college graduate to be a successful blogger. If you can write a nice post that your reader or followers will enjoy reading then you should have any problem doing blog then.

When I started blogging in 2007, I didn’t really have anyone to ask about blogging. I did a lot of research, and study on how to start.  I read what other people posted on their blog just like what I am doing now.  Anyone can start blogging so let’s get started you all.

These are the 5 basic steps to start your blog

  1. Decide what is your blog all about 
  2. Choose a blogging platform 
  3. Find a host for your blog 
  4. Pick a domain name 
  5. Design and use your blog.

Step 1: Decide what to blog about

If you  are just blogging for a hobby then you should focus to what do you enjoy the most.  Such as crafting, or cooking, anything that will entertain your readers.  If you are a part of a business, company or organization, then your blog should be related to the product or service of your company. Keep in mind if you are doing this just for yourself, to share about your family, you lifestyle then you have more flexibility on your topic choice.

  • Blog is about something that you enjoy. 
  • Blog is about something with a lot of room for discussion. 
  • And the most important of all you can your niche in which you can establish an authority of yourself. 

You get more audience or reader if your blog is consistent and the topic attract audience.

Step 2: Choose a blogging platform

There are so many services that you can use to start your blog or website. ( For me I love using blogger because it’s easy to manipulate and design).  You might even be tempted to use a free service, but keep in mind that free services you will be limited, and in some cases, quite severely.  You can choose free service if you are just doing it as a hobby, but if you are doing it to improve your business or advertise your product I recommend using the paid service.

In many bloggers out there, there are two site that is popular right now and that is Blogger and WordPress.  For me it’s really all depends on which one do you like using the most and what work on your capabilities.  Some blogger enjoy using and some do prefer wordpress. Either way both service are easy to use and you can purchase domain from them as well without problem. I use WordPress and Blogger, and I like them both.

On WordPress though you have two options, which I believed a lot of people confused by.

  • Hosted WordPress blogs that are often referred to as “ blog”. 
  • Self-Hosted WordPress blogs that are often referred to as “ blog (this one I definitely recommend it. )

Step 3: Find a host

Finding a host is sometimes difficult and frustrating, however there are few hosting site that you can find online.  One of them is the, and other hosting site.  A host provides server space for you site, and simply allows others to find your site on the internet as well.

Step 4: Pick a domain name

Picking a domain name is a task, it can be complicated sometimes but you already knows or had pick up the name for you site then you won’t have a hard time picking up at all.  My advice is to pick a domain name that is easy to remember and that is easy for your readers to type. Be unique and creative when it comes to picking up your domain name. Your domain name represent your site so don’t make it complicated. Simple and easy it the way to go.

Step 5: Design & use your blog!

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a self-hosted  .  So now you can create design for your blog, or simply pick a free template design that Blogger or WordPress have available. Designing your blog is hard at first, trust me I was there before I was even frustrated. Blogger have a lot of templates that you can use for free. And if you are a WordPress blogger they also offer free templates as well as a paid templates.

Either way you can customized your blog the way you want.  The cleaner your blog is the more people would come and read your post.

So I hope these 5 ideas help you create your first blog. Remember it’s doesn’t need to be complicated to accomplished something.  If you have any questions simply leave a comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Remember what I share on here is from my personal experienced back when I started blogging.  Please let me know if this help you all.

18 thoughts on “How To Start Blogging

  1. I have been blogging my reviews for 10 years this year. To get started is one thing, but commitment to stick to it is another. I have stuck with what I started with. I never really had time to make my blogsite look nicer. I just concentrate on making quality content. 🙂

  2. This is definitely a good guide for newbies. and even for those who are still not sure of what to blog. Blogging has been a trend lately I just hope that the quality remains most especially for those newbies whose target is to haul for earning instead of blogging with passion.

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