Not Only I Do Product Review I also do Coupon shopping

Last week I did so good on my coupon shopping.  Savings is what i like doing, spend a little on things that we need by using coupons.  I am slowly getting a hang on coupons, I stopped couponing for awhile since my stockpile was a lot but now since my stockpile is getting really low i decided to start couponing again.  Saturday I went to publix since they have a lot of great deal and I can definitely say that it was the best couponing ever.  Below is the picture of what I bought and how much I save.

Since I started doing coupons, I think this trip was awesome because of my savings.  I don’t remember if i did this kind of savings before but anyway I’m so proud of myself.  Shopping at Publix is a lot of fun because of all the choices.  If you follow their policy about coupon stuff they leave you alone but if you are greedy and using coupons illegally then yeah they give you hell.

So remember everyone, keep couponing and at the same time follow the rules and don’t take advantage at the coupons. 

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