Bought Him A New Hoodies Jacket

The other day when me, Jesa and my step-daughter went to the mall.. We decided to shop around and see what’s on sale.  Lexi suggested that we go inside the Aeropostale to see what’s on sale, and of course i love that store so we went in.  Well i was going to buy clothes for me, but i decided to surprise my husband for two hoodie jackets since he loves wearing them, and he looks good in too so.  The prices wasn’t bad at all so i bought him two.  I wanted to buy him a different jacket but i have to wait until it goes to sale because i just don’t like paying to much hahahhaha.  I love waiting until it’s on sale that way i can buy more.  Anyway, when we came home we gave him his presents and he loves it.  I think me and lexi did a wonderful job shopping for those jackets.  

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