When you love someone

You show them how important they are to you. You don’t do things for your own pleasure and goods. Showing how much you love someone and how much they mean to you is precious. Saying I love you everyday (every minute) is wonderful thing to do. Appreciating everything that they do to you is a big pay back for all the hard work that they have done to you. When you love someone, you don’t show your love by buying them things. However, you show it with your action, because true love cannot buy with money. Money might be good but it doesn’t buy the happiness in your life.

Respecting someone, being loyal and honest are the most important in the relationship. With that said you are showing your love-one how much they mean to you when you do those things. Without respect, love, or loyalty is nothing. Remind them how lucky you are to have them in your life and how thankful you are to be with someone who adores and love you for who you are. Appreciating little things is very important, noticing every bit that is done by the person you love is a big deal. It just show them how much you really love them, and how appreciative you are for all the hard work they have done.

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