It’s Funny

…. how people treat you like sh*t, yet they want something they turn around and act like angel to make you feel like they are sweet as can be. Well that kind of behavior just doesn’t work in our family at all. We might look like we are stupid, but we sure wise when it come to decision. Never treat the people like crap because in the end you will ask them for something, and when you do it’s too late. All i can say is learn from it.. and stop being such a pain in the butt. I don’t have pity on this kind of people, they think they can act so sweet and nice just fool other people. I might be Asian but i’ll tell you my mom did not gave birth of a stupid daughter. I just have to laughed about what i hear, that’s all i can.. payback is sometimes can be hurtful and it’s more than what you cause to other people. act right and maybe people treat you better.

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