Just Woke-up

Last night coming home from work was very tiring. I felt so tired that as soon as i arrived in the house i told me husband i want to go to sleep. I was just so sleepy and felt like my body got beat up you know. Working hard is wonderful but i think i over do myself hahahahhaha, i am so glad i have me a few days off. Some people told me that i don’t have time hanging-out with them anymore, however i have other priorities than hanging-out with friends. Friends can’t give us money that we need, but the work does, i have few people that laughed because i don’t go out with them as much anymore. However i don’t let it bother me because they don’t have the kinds of life i have. I took responsibilities for my family by working hard. Me and my husband do work so hard and when we have chance where we can spend time with the kids we always take advantage to it. That’s all for now and you all have a great day.

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