Can’t Believed It’s Sunday

I feel like i have been working all week and weekend, lol.. I miss the weekend because of my schedule i guess hahahhahahha. Working is fun though and i enjoy it very much nothing better than working hard and earning your own money you know. Since i have my family i have been working so hard, i feel more responsible and totally different person. I love being married and i cherish every second of it, to have a great family like is a dream come true to me. Tomorrow i have to work for a little while then Tuesday and Wednesday i will be spending time with my husband here in our studio. I so miss being around with him but we have to do what we have to do. Just like i told my husband our life is great and perfect because we work as a team and when we don’t have to work or do anything we always spend time with the kids. We love spending time with the kids, we are taking advantage it while we can because i know when they get to the stage that they are grown up kids we will not have so much time with them at all, that’s because they will be busy all the time with sports, chores and their friends. Anyway, take care now and enjoy the night.

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