Had Fun Fixing My Car

Last night i was helping my husband fixed my car, it was a lot of fun for me, because i have never work in a car before. Working with my husband is a lot of fun, i learned few things and i am hoping that he will continue teaching me that way i can take of my car encase i will break down somewhere. We changed the water pump in my car which is very hard to get out without taking out few things. Then after that we have to put everything back on then adjust the timing of my car. Oh yeah it was a lot of work we did not put the timing belt back last night because we are so tired and it started to makes us mad since we just can’t get it on hahahhahahah. My husband keep saying okay let’s quit for tonight but then after he moves i will start working ahhahahhahaha. I was hoping that we will put the timing belt but i guess we are so tired to do it already hahhahahha. Working with car is absolutely one of my favorite thing to do.

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