Compliments From Other People

I have a lot of compliments from other people because on how small i am. They even told me that they have used the best diet pill in this world but still every time they eat they always gain weight. I just smiled to them and said that i think this is how my body will be. Because back in my high school i have been skinny, yet i eat a lot but when i gained weight i always loss it. So i guess my body is small and plus i got this from my mom. My mother is a very small woman, my sister did gained weight one time and was using diet pills so she will loss some weight. There was one old woman that came up to me and asked me if i ever eat. LOL I know it was funny but she was serious because she said i am very skinny. Well i am not that skinny i think my shape is average and i love it. Anyway, that’s all for now and you all have a great night.

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