To the world you might be just be one person, but to one person you might mean the world. It’s very true, we may not know about it that to other person we mean the world to them. Sometimes we think that we are just their friend and that’s all we are to them. But we can never underestimate ourselves because sometimes we have no idea how we made someone happy. I know i have couple of friends of mine that means that world to me and that i am very happy with that they are part of my life. For me friends are the ones who would give us an umbrella when it’s raining but a best friend would forget about the umbrella and come dance in the rain with you. True friends never leave you alone no matter what happened in your life. Ups and downs they are still there to help you and give you courage and make you strong for whatever trials you may have in your life. There is a saying take time to know someone before you judge them, they could turn out to be your very best friend. Have a great night everyone.

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